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About me

Dan Pratt black and white
What is blue sky doing?

The ability to turn your dreams and aspirations into reality through research, education and practical application.

My name is Dan, I live a happy life in West Yorkshire with my wife and two children. I wanted to practise writing and structure my thoughts outside of professional life so I’ve started this blog. The overarching theme is blue sky doing, an attempt to gather and arrange actionable ideas to apply to my life. I want to be able to apply my thoughts, dreams and values in life to experiences.

There are three themes that constantly occupy my mind; my profession in digital marketing; crafting a sustainable and responsible life for myself and my family and my passion for movement largely defined by my love of running. The writing is for me but if my ideas and musings resonate with you then I’m pleased my experiences have found a comfortable corner in the world.

I hope to draw on the experience of others to add to the tapestry of thoughts on the blog, especially in relation to running. There are a great deal of experiences I’ll draw on in time from my career, my active life and my surreal stories from the wild Edinburgh years.

I hope you enjoy the words and pictures and if you would like to contribute get in touch.