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Love Rainbows

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Rainbow over the Chevin

I wrote the following as part of a photo book I created for my family as a reference to the extraordinary year of 2020. It was an extremely challenging year but what stood out for me was the simple, happy time I got to spend with my wife and two children. Rainbows were a symbol of the year and a continuing symbol of hope.

“Here’s to the NHS, to the frontline staff, to the teachers and carers, to everyone who has worked hard and tried to keep loved ones safe. Here’s to keeping our distance, standing in line, wearing masks and checking everyone’s fine. Here’s to working from home and the snack support. Here’s to Kathryn and Michael. Here’s to catching up with old friends, Zoom and FaceTime. Here’s to lockdown birthdays and hazmat suits, baking cake and eating cake. Here’s to turning 70 and 40 and all the other numbers. Here’s to Gloria, we miss you dearly and Kingsley finding time to heal. Here’s to Gran quietly flickering behind closed doors. Here’s to Alfie’s bravery and to Olive’s spirit. Here’s to the Highlands and the left alone lands, we’ll visit again soon. Here’s to camping, the caravan and a cosy night near the coast. Here’s to lockdown workouts, family yoga, running for miles and climbing the wall. Here’s to starting school with bags of energy and getting over the pre-Preschool tears. Here’s to a quick and foggy walk on Barden moor, it’s not that far. Here’s to all the adventure walks, “Daddy, how do you know this path?”. Here’s to the garden, the flowers, strawberries, peas, carrots and endless Salvia. Here’s to rediscovering playing the piano. Here’s to Ray’s knees. Here’s to R below one and flattening the curve. Here’s to news of a vaccine and hope for the future. Here’s to rainbows in every window and a round of applause. Here’s to the extraordinary year of 2020.”