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Why I run pt.4

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Alps above Morillon

The scenery

After a great run yesterday I was tempted to write about two crucial parts of my running life, friendship and photography. I’m going to leave them both for another day as I want to give them the time they deserve.

This post is simply about the views and the ability to find a corner of the world that few may see at times that even fewer will experience. Heading off the beaten track in the early hours or at dusk allows me to experience light across the fells and gives a shifting perspective to the land. Longer runs can change mood throughout. Gaining height to reach a peak whilst expending maximum effort with my lungs at full capacity, and then raising my eyes to bathe in the view laid out in front creates a form of symbiosis with the land, a pure and rare moment. Sometimes I’ll try and capture the moment in a photo, sometimes I’ll just let it be.

I’m drawn to the fells and mountains and find the summit of the nearest hill on most holidays. My happy places are the Alps, Scottish Highlands, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales just on my doorstep. Here’s a selection of some of the views and places I’ve captured on my adventures upwards.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep adding images of beautiful places when I get the chance and talk about photography in my amateurish way.

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