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Before I attempt to define my idea of digital strategy and outline my thoughts on specific digital technologies and services I want to explain with clarity what digital equates to based on my decade in digital marketing. I‘m basically just going to throw some thoughts on the page, going by instinct and see how I feel once the words have formed:

Digital is a reflection – A reflection of a complex society, forming tribes and pools of symbiotic thought with contrasting ideas hidden from each other bubbling up on the social media surface setting off firecrackers of disagreements or channeling in waves of collusion.

Digital is an escape – An open window into a desired lifestyle, a vista of what could have been or could still be. A check in on a parallel life or skills untapped. A catapult for creative expression or a cave to shout into hoping to hear an echo.

Digital is a shop – A vast mall of limitless browsing and multi-faceted choice. A water slide of intentional agreement and acknowledgement of needs to fulfill slinky shopping list with a recycling finale.

Digital is education on steroids – A library with a mixing deck guide to help choose and enhance your learning path. A distraction menu to enlighten you on all of the useful skills you’ll potentially need once in your life. A jukebox of facts and science and art and culture and everything in between.

Digital is the monotony of everyday life and the variety of our ecology.

They were thoughts, what comes next will be more considered…

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