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These are posts about my life and not necessarily my work or interest in the planet or sustainability.

Sunrise run on ice

Why I run pt.2

  • Personal

This is a short description of a key element of why I run. Rhythm. Music has always been a companion throughout my life, from listening to my parents classic records (I mean extremely classic Beatles… Read More »Why I run pt.2

Sunrise running

Why I run pt.1

  • Personal

For as long as I can remember I have run. In school I used to run everywhere, in between lessons, during break times usually playing sport and after school running for the bus. I’ve always… Read More »Why I run pt.1

Rainbow over the Chevin

Love Rainbows

  • Personal

I wrote the following as part of a photo book I created for my family as a reference to the extraordinary year of 2020. It was an extremely challenging year but what stood out for… Read More »Love Rainbows