Why I run pt.2

This is a short description of a key element of why I run. Rhythm. Music has always been a companion throughout my life, from listening to my parents classic records (I mean extremely classic Beatles / Stones / Dylan / Boney M) to learning to play the piano and my many years of djing. However,… Continue reading Why I run pt.2

What is blue sky doing?

Ben Nevis Race 7 Sept 2019

A brief post today to explain the meaning behind blue sky doing. Through working in various sectors across digital and marketing I have heard a lot of requests for “blue sky thinking” or “thinking outside the box”. The request is often delivered with authority and with a real need for original thought without the context… Continue reading What is blue sky doing?

Why I run pt.1

For as long as I can remember I have run. In school I used to run everywhere, in between lessons, during break times usually playing sport and after school running for the bus. I’ve always expected a lot from my legs and taken for granted my ability to cover ground relatively quickly with ease. I… Continue reading Why I run pt.1

Love Rainbows

I wrote the following as part of a photo book I created for my family as a reference to the extraordinary year of 2020. It was an extremely challenging year but what stood out for me was the simple, happy time I got to spend with my wife and two children. Rainbows were a symbol… Continue reading Love Rainbows

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