Why I run pt.9

Running around home is pretty special at this time of year, nature is exploding back to life after an amplified long, dark winter. A route to complement the time of year needs to take in the classic spring changes and capture the burgeoning foliage. We’re talking daffodils, lambs and hedgerow buds. This run is just… Continue reading Why I run pt.9

Why I run pt.8

Most of my runs start from my door, especially over the last year or so. Thankfully I love where I live so I might as well rave about my regular routes and the corners of the hood we call Menston. Right now all routes start around the Menston Arms, no chance for a refreshing pint… Continue reading Why I run pt.8

Why I run – Andy West

For the second guest post, another former PE teacher was keen to share his thoughts on why he runs. Here are some wise words from the indefatigable Andy West… It’s spiritual, self fulfilling, fun and gives me purpose. I could stop there (I’m not a lover of writing) but I often think about this and… Continue reading Why I run – Andy West

Why I run – Pam Bayston

I’ve started to ask friends and relatives who are keen runners why they do it, to understand other people’s drive and motivation for running. The first in the series is my inspirational former PE teacher and mother-in-law Pam. We’ve run together on a number of occasions and she’s a true cheerleader for anyone wanting to… Continue reading Why I run – Pam Bayston

Why I run pt.7

Ok, I don’t run to pick up injuries or want to brandish my most gruesome stories but injuries are a part of the experience. When I say injuries, I mean the full scope from little niggles to serious time delaying muscle and ligament issues. Injuries ground your level of super. Being injury free with regular… Continue reading Why I run pt.7

Why I run pt.6

Heart racing, adrenaline pumping, legs screaming, unrestrained frenzied animation. I love clattering down a steep descent at the limit of any sense of control and feeling the pace and pull of gravity. The initial lean into the changing gradient to feel the effort leave my legs and the pressure change on my feet, at this… Continue reading Why I run pt.6

Why I run pt.5

I’m sure some runners don’t like having wet feet, I love it, especially in the summer. I have a vivid memory of being on a walk with my cousins in the Lakes and running ahead through stream after stream. I looked forward to every stream expectant for the relief of the cold chill to awaken… Continue reading Why I run pt.5

Why I run pt.4

After a great run yesterday I was tempted to write about two crucial parts of my running life, friendship and photography. I’m going to leave them both for another day as I want to give them the time they deserve. This post is simply about the views and the ability to find a corner of… Continue reading Why I run pt.4

Why I run pt.3

Racing. I am in no way a top class athlete, I’ve never quite hit the heights partly because I could never settle on one sport. I’ve been active and played sport all my life and I love it and part of the love comes from competing. Growing up with my two brothers cemented the competitiveness,… Continue reading Why I run pt.3

Why I run pt.2

This is a short description of a key element of why I run. Rhythm. Music has always been a companion throughout my life, from listening to my parents classic records (I mean extremely classic Beatles / Stones / Dylan / Boney M) to learning to play the piano and my many years of djing. However,… Continue reading Why I run pt.2