Doughnut Economics: How can digital measurement support?

This is lifted directly from Kate Raworth’s website. Kate is the author of Doughnut Economics, a book I’m currently reading and getting very excited about. The following paragraph introduces the concept… Humanity’s 21st century challenge is to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet. In other words, to ensure that no… Continue reading Doughnut Economics: How can digital measurement support?

Sustainable living: products

My family and I have been trying to live more sustainably for a while, making regular small and hopefully effective changes. We’ve done this to set a higher expectation of normal and to challenge the mass consumerism that surrounds us. Hannah, my wife, is excellent at finding bundles and buying secondhand for all sorts that… Continue reading Sustainable living: products

A sustainable digital mindset

Working in the digital sector over the past decade across various industries there has been a definite parallel transformation of two worlds, sustainability and digital. The two worlds haven’t directly collided but our technical capabilities should now be used to accelerate the shape of a more sustainable and socially responsible world. I recently read an… Continue reading A sustainable digital mindset

What have I done?

I’m interested in making a difference in the world by living a more sustainable lifestyle and by instilling a more aware and conscientious way of living in my kids. A simple, sustainable life doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on what’s enjoyable; good food, good music and good company with a few well crafted luxuries. So what… Continue reading What have I done?