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What have I done?

Child’s eyes

I’m interested in making a difference in the world by living a more sustainable lifestyle and by instilling a more aware and conscientious way of living in my kids. A simple, sustainable life doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on what’s enjoyable; good food, good music and good company with a few well crafted luxuries.

So what the hell have I done about it? A simple list…

  • Shopping local. Helped by lockdown and working from home for nearly a year we’ve shopped locally making the most of Shop Otley, Edward Street Bakery, the Curious Hop and The Pantry. We’re slowly building out our weekly shop to local and sustainable plastic free items.
  • Reusable cups and bottles. No more disposable cups or plastic water bottles. I don’t drink coffee (often) and now have two Chilly’s bottles.
  • Growing veg and edibles. We’ve made the most of the size of our garden and grown salads, potatoes, peas, turnips, strawberries and other edibles and flavors to boost our kitchen. It’s a small start but we’re all set for this year with a new cold frame and more experience.
  • Using a repair cafe. Where possible we’ve tried to make use of the Otley repair cafe and attempted to reuse and make what we can with the waste materials we have. The aim now is to buy products that can be repaired or reused.
  • Buy Fairtrade and sustainable products. We’ve made a conscious effort to buy sustainable or second hand goods. I’ve bought less and considered the origin of each product and where possible supported companies trying to make a social and environmental change including Finisterre, Good Trip Clothing and Tentree.
  • Investing sustainably. We’ve started to invest small amounts with through a sustainable ISA and I’m looking to investigate and understand the efforts the finance sector is taking in more detail.

Prior to the pandemic hitting, as a family, we’ve consciously travelled less and made the most of our surrounding, this has only been enhanced by lockdown and the various tiers beyond. There are more actions on my todo list including trialing new products across all aspects of everyday life to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible for the next generation.

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2 thoughts on “What have I done?”

  1. This is great Dan, really interested to see how this progresses. Already some great ideas I hadn’t realised were local to us.

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