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Squashed boxes

Subscribe for life

  • Digital

Subscription services have been on the rise for a while and they are intriguing me because they’ve crept into our lives to such an acceptable level. We subscribe to a higher and higher base as… Read More »Subscribe for life

Post run muddy feet

Why I run pt.5

  • Personal

I’m sure some runners don’t like having wet feet, I love it, especially in the summer. I have a vivid memory of being on a walk with my cousins in the Lakes and running ahead… Read More »Why I run pt.5

Alps above Morillon

Why I run pt.4

  • Personal

After a great run yesterday I was tempted to write about two crucial parts of my running life, friendship and photography. I’m going to leave them both for another day as I want to give… Read More »Why I run pt.4

Finish of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks fell race

Why I run pt.3

  • Personal

Racing. I am in no way a top class athlete, I’ve never quite hit the heights partly because I could never settle on one sport. I’ve been active and played sport all my life and… Read More »Why I run pt.3

Sunrise run on ice

Why I run pt.2

  • Personal

This is a short description of a key element of why I run. Rhythm. Music has always been a companion throughout my life, from listening to my parents classic records (I mean extremely classic Beatles… Read More »Why I run pt.2

Digital equals

  • Digital

Before I attempt to define my idea of digital strategy and outline my thoughts on specific digital technologies and services I want to explain with clarity what digital equates to based on my decade in… Read More »Digital equals