Subscribe for life

Subscription services have been on the rise for a while and they are intriguing me because they’ve crept into our lives to such an acceptable level. We subscribe to a higher and higher base as we’ve transitioned away from commoditized ownership. Some services and products take away the curatorial element of collating our belongings. We’re… Continue reading Subscribe for life

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Why I run pt.5

I’m sure some runners don’t like having wet feet, I love it, especially in the summer. I have a vivid memory of being on a walk with my cousins in the Lakes and running ahead through stream after stream. I looked forward to every stream expectant for the relief of the cold chill to awaken… Continue reading Why I run pt.5

Why I run pt.4

After a great run yesterday I was tempted to write about two crucial parts of my running life, friendship and photography. I’m going to leave them both for another day as I want to give them the time they deserve. This post is simply about the views and the ability to find a corner of… Continue reading Why I run pt.4

Sustainable living: products

My family and I have been trying to live more sustainably for a while, making regular small and hopefully effective changes. We’ve done this to set a higher expectation of normal and to challenge the mass consumerism that surrounds us. Hannah, my wife, is excellent at finding bundles and buying secondhand for all sorts that… Continue reading Sustainable living: products

Why I run pt.3

Racing. I am in no way a top class athlete, I’ve never quite hit the heights partly because I could never settle on one sport. I’ve been active and played sport all my life and I love it and part of the love comes from competing. Growing up with my two brothers cemented the competitiveness,… Continue reading Why I run pt.3

Why I run pt.2

This is a short description of a key element of why I run. Rhythm. Music has always been a companion throughout my life, from listening to my parents classic records (I mean extremely classic Beatles / Stones / Dylan / Boney M) to learning to play the piano and my many years of djing. However,… Continue reading Why I run pt.2

Digital jargon busting pt.1

The digital sector has loads of jargon, let’s bust that jargon wide open. I’m a proud Yorkshireman, I say it how it is so I’m going to attempt to clarify some of the words, phrases and acronyms used by my fellow professionals… Attribution: One of my all time favorite topics. Attribution is the allocation of… Continue reading Digital jargon busting pt.1

A sustainable digital mindset

Working in the digital sector over the past decade across various industries there has been a definite parallel transformation of two worlds, sustainability and digital. The two worlds haven’t directly collided but our technical capabilities should now be used to accelerate the shape of a more sustainable and socially responsible world. I recently read an… Continue reading A sustainable digital mindset

What is blue sky doing?

Ben Nevis Race 7 Sept 2019

A brief post today to explain the meaning behind blue sky doing. Through working in various sectors across digital and marketing I have heard a lot of requests for “blue sky thinking” or “thinking outside the box”. The request is often delivered with authority and with a real need for original thought without the context… Continue reading What is blue sky doing?

Digital equals

Before I attempt to define my idea of digital strategy and outline my thoughts on specific digital technologies and services I want to explain with clarity what digital equates to based on my decade in digital marketing. I‘m basically just going to throw some thoughts on the page, going by instinct and see how I… Continue reading Digital equals

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